We will prayerfully place you as a staff member either at the local church you currently attend or a church within driving distance of your home. For the year that you are serving at the local church, you will hone your speaking skills, launch and run ministries, attend board meetings, and receive the real and raw ministry experience you need to one day shepherd your own congregation.

  • 1 on 1 coaching

    You will receive a personal coach to walk alongside of you through either bi-weekly or monthly 1 on 1 conversations. This year long journey is designed to help you be personally and ministerially prepared to shepherd the local church God calls you to. 

  • Quarterly Training Retreats

    As a resident you will be a part of four "Infusion" Leadership Retreats specifically designed for you to receive training for pastoral ministry. One of these retreats will be designed for both you and your spouse to attend.

  • Finances

    As a bi-vocational resident, you will receive a stipend for the ministry you do at the local church your residency takes place in. That pay package will be determined by your host church. 

    The Region will offer suggestions of pay scale, however, the final amount will be a matter that is agreed upon between you and the local church.

If you have any questions regarding the Missionary Church, North Central Region Residency Program, you can contact our
Church Multiplication Director, Kevin Moore, at Kevin@mcncr.org.